Live Anti Fraud

Real Time Protection at Every Stage

The Sphere’s neural network data analytics and machine learning algorithms enable live detection, alerting, and active prevention of fraudulent and abusive traffic at the moment of the call setup request.

With The Sphere’s sophisticated routing network, all data associated with each call is analyzed throughout the call lifecycle – from call set up request, live connect, to call-end. The data is then transmitted and interpreted in real time to mitigate any fraudulent activity.

Protection at Every Stage

All live call requests, connections and end-data is streamed to The Sphere’s anti-fraud engine for evaluation and a conclusive verdict. Then, the call request is transferred to the Permission Controller which will instruct the routing engine what to do with the call if it is fraudulent or abusive. The call may be allowed to continue, or not depending on the users rules settings. Either way the call will be flagged by inserting a tag into internal SIP Header and consequently the CDR of the call. The Permission Controller will issue an alert to the user, or completely block the call from entering the network, should the user so decide.

During The Sphere’s live financial reconciliation and settlements stage, all financial balances related to flagged calls are maintained in a “quarantined” state within the user’s own account, until the ultimate call originator into The Sphere Network settles payment on due date or clears flag alert. The ultimate call originator is fully liable for all flagged balances.



The Sphere constantly learns and evolves to foresee new and unknown threat patterns before they appear, protecting operators, carriers, and service providers from financial losses, commercial disputes, and service disruptions. Our neural network data analytics and machine learning algorithms use data types such as:

A, B, A & B Full and Partial Number Correlation

  • Call SIP/Media Details and Patterns
  • Trade, Routing and financial Chain Details
  • In country (origin and destination) operator dial code mapping
  • Local Demographics, TOD/DOW, and call patterns from Origin to Destination
  • And more

Our engine, among other types of fraud, recognizes International and Domestic Revenue Share Fraud, Premium Rate Services, Number/Call Hijacking, Outbound Missed Call Campaigns, Inbound Missed Call Responses, Reverse FAS, and more.

Routing Management

Real Time Finance Settlement

Routing Management

Real Time Finance Settlement

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