Trade Chain

The Sphere Exchange is a powerful, commercial meeting point that delivers unparalleled business development and trading opportunities for buyers and sellers, alike. Via a single Point-of-Interconnect, operators, carriers, and resellers can overcome geographic and financial limitations.


Not only does The Sphere Exchange instantly capture new opportunities and prospects, it enables users to create new services and offers, in addition to purchasing services from The Ecosystem.


Operators, carriers, and resellers are continuously supported by unlimited, multiparty chain-trading, routing, and financial settlements in real-time, with no geographic limitations. Social networking tools encourage streamlined communications and instant decision-making.


Sellers have the ability to create and issue offers both publicly to the trading floor, or privately to a designated client. All offers have unique and encrypted specifications and client preferences associated with them.


Financial implementation within The Sphere Exchange tracks and audits every call traded and routed, delivering real time billing reconciliation across the entire trade chain.

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