Powering Smart Cities with AI, Blockchain & IoT

“We’re living through the incredible arc of true, global digital transformation.” That’s one of the opening statements of The Sphere’s recent article in Connect-World’s Global-ICT 2018 issue, “Hyper-Connected Cities Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).” And it’s true; we find ourselves … Read More

Optimizing Global Telecom Architecture Through Blockchain & Cloud

It’s an exciting time to be in the network architecture business. Though this sector of the telecom industry has resisted change in many ways for years, disruptive new technologies with incredible potential have cropped up recently – and they demand … Read More

The Sphere Honored with Best Cloud Innovation Award at Capacity’s Global Carrier Awards 2018

Global Telecom Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain, Machine Learning and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure Wins Prestigious Industry Award Shortly After Unveiling DUBLIN, IRELAND — October 25, 2018 — The Sphere, a blockchain-powered global ecosystem for the telecom industry, was named Best Cloud Innovation … Read More

What You Need to Know About Blockchain Technology in the Telecom Space

If you were to ask a few technology students, experts, investors or enthusiasts what they believe is one of the most important tech trends of the moment, chances are one of the first things they’ll say is blockchain. Blockchain technology … Read More