Routing, Rate and Code Management

Upload, create and edit your offering through The Sphere’s Portal. We arm users with their own independent, autonomous and segregated, customer-specific routing and switching management system. Additionally, members benefit from independent call detail records, route error handling, release code responses, actionable commands, and more.


As a member of The Sphere Ecosystem, carriers are able to craft their own unique routing rules and preferences, no matter how simple or complex. The Sphere’s proprietary routing engine ensures that each call, across every level of the Trade Chain, follows those particular sets of preferences, allowing users to create routes specific to their needs.

Streamlined Operations

If a request is published that is of interest, the user simply clicks and is immediately presented with all the Rate & Route details, enabling them to make an instant, calculated decision on which provider to go with. Once a target rate is matched with an offer, the service will automatically become available for the target issuer to review and integrate into routing.


If you are a vendor who has set up an external interconnection and uploaded your services to The Sphere, you are given the option to either create a routing table based on the user’s own services, or you can combine them with existing services found on the Trading Floor. This interactivity establishes redundancy, enables better rates, and encourages expanded offerings.

Waterfall Methodology

The methodology of routing management is based on the “waterfall” methodology, where the user chooses a group of regions they wish to build on. Then, they have the option to choose from a range of available providers and services. From there, rules are established and implemented, and finally, the creation is saved so the user can continuously build upon the regions, providers, rules, and more.

At The Sphere, we simplify processes so you can focus on growing your business. With The Sphere Platform, we take dial codes of any vendor and match them to our master dial plan. This assures that the rates associated to a code are accurately reflected for each and every transaction, automatically and intelligently.


We ensure complete transparency. If The Sphere’s patented technology detects any discrepancies in dial codes or rate increase violations, the code will immediately be flagged and both the vendor and buyer will be notified.


In order to maintain a unified yet dynamic dashboard within The Sphere Ecosystem, we utilize leading international code and naming conventions to convert region names uploaded by users to global region names.


Once a target rate is matched with an offer, the service will automatically become available on the Routing Table. Should the provider already exist within the routing table, the rate will take automatic effect and the route will reposition itself based on the preferences set by the user.


The Sphere users are presented with a side-by-side comparison of anything marked important, and how it would be presented once converted on to The Sphere platform. Additionally, we assemble all of the codes under region name for easy review and analysis.

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