Financial Settlements

At The Sphere, we tear down trade barriers and financial dependencies, delivering trading freedom to resellers and suppliers, while providing financial flexibility to our operator and carrier customers. Our patented blockchain routing and financial reconciliation technology tracks and audits every call entering into and traded within The Sphere Ecosystem.


The Sphere constantly learns and evolves to foresee new or unknown threat patterns before they arise, protecting operators, carriers, and service providers from any financial disruptions. For an added layer of security, we utilize the credit rating and financial standing of call originators, providing peace-of-mind to all parties across the trade chain.

Low Latency

Each call entering The Sphere network is immediately tagged, passed through the chain, and instantly inserted into our internal call detail record (CDR). Upon completion of a call, trade chain details are disseminated into individual trade blocks and routed down to the core data for processing and reporting. This entire process takes only a few milliseconds.

Real-Time Billing

The Sphere is proud to deliver real-time billing and financial reconciliation across the entire trade chain. After determining credit worthiness or financial holdings of the call originator, The Sphere provides secure and on-demand payment disbursement options to each party, for every call traded.


The Sphere’s engine initiates and complies with the following to ensure ultimate protection: International and Domestic Revenue Share Fraud, Premium Rate Services, Number/Call Hijacking, Outbound Missed Call Campaigns, Inbound Missed Call Responses, Reverse FAS, and more.

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