The Sphere is a global telecommunications ecosystem, with an exchange platform at its core, that facilitates unlimited, multi-party chain trades, routing, and financial settlements in real time.

Our patented blockchain technology, advanced algorithms, and groundbreaking globally distributed network enables operators, carriers and resellers to remove commercial inefficiencies, operational challenges, and financial threats within the telecom space.

Streamline business processes, maximize revenue, and reduce operational expenses.

The Sphere Ecosystem Is...

  • A neutral meeting point that optimizes technical and financial efforts throughout the trade chain.
  • An integrated social networking and market intelligence platform that delivers a centralized forum to improve existing business relations, while discovering new ones.
  • Powered by neural network data analytics and machine learning algorithms that enable live detection, alerting, and active prevention of fraudulent and abusive call traffic.
  • A high-performance, cloud-enabled hybrid network and decentralized switching and routing engine that delivers stability, redundancy, and unlimited scalability.

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