Live QoS Routing

With wholesale telecom competition on the rise and a surge in latency-sensitive applications, quality-of-service (QoS) has never been more important. The Sphere’s proprietary Live QoS Engine uses neural network data analytics and machine learning algorithms to constantly evaluate market conditions and intelligently route data, so users benefit from swift transactions and optimized quality control.

The Sphere’s Live QoS Engine is built into our Bid-On-Live proprietary technology — the exchange platform at the heart of our ecosystem. By tapping into the Bid-On-Live platform, carriers will automatically get the benefit of The Sphere’s QoS technology.

Low Latency

We understand that performance matters, and that is why The Sphere’s Live QoS Engine examines flurries of data traffic within five-second increments.


To determine the best possible routing, the QoS Engine considers traffic pattern data, a range of KPIs, and a combination of live and aggregated media flow statistics. Metrics include technical MOS, media channel reliability, and POLQA.


The Sphere evaluates performance based on clear benchmarks throughout a call’s lifecycle, and makes real-time routing recommendations for intelligent decision-making.


Users of the platform have the option to allow The Sphere’s Live QoS Engine to automatically make routing decisions on their behalf, for more streamlined business practices.

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