Live Anti-Fraud

Your security is our priority and always top-of-mind. At The Sphere, we utilize neural network data analysis and sophisticated machine learning algorithms that allow for live detection, alerting, and active prevention of fraudulent and abusive traffic. All live call requests, connections, and end-data is streamed to The Sphere’s Anti-Fraud Engine where it is instantly evaluated.

The Sphere’s Core Security provides its users with the following: DOS, DDOS prevention; Cross-region data transport encryption; TLS and SRTP encryption; Unlawful route injection protection; Malformed signaling correction; Security auditing and alerts based on malicious actions by system administrators or external hackers.

Live Detection

Our neural network and machine learning algorithms enable live detection alerts and active prevention of fraudulent traffic – from the very moment a call request comes in.


The Sphere’s core network architecture is self-maintained and uses automated error recovery to ensure secure, streamlined call routing.

Multilayered Monitoring

Our multilayered monitoring provides real-time alerts including any changes in traffic patterns, expected business integrity, and live financial reconciliation.

Machine Learning

The Sphere uses machine learning algorithms to constantly learn and evolve, foreseeing new or unknown threat patterns before they even appear. 

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