Bid-On-Live enables carriers to allocate all or parts of their live traffic to specific destinations. With Bid-On-Live you can anonymously dictate the QoS, KPIs, and target rate required by vendors bidding to win over their traffic. Additionally, using advanced algorithms, Bid-On-Live ensures streamlined optimization, with quality benchmarking.


The Sphere’s Bid-On-Live engine utilizes patented technology to enable live and fully-automated control for users. Call management, traffic allocation, routing adjustments and more are continuously active and live.

Quality Benchmarking

Providers, who wish to participate in the “bid-and-match” or simply surpass the current rate, will be personally vetted by The Sphere. If you meet the system benchmarks and specified requirements, gradual increases of client call traffic to accepted vendors will commence.

Data Analysis

Based on continuous call data and advanced algorithm routing, any increases, reductions, blocks, and more will be implemented in real-time by The Sphere, ensuring live optimization.


The Sphere’s Bid-On-Live engine is a complete orchestration of proprietary and patented technologies and methodologies. It enables live, fully-automated control of QoS, routing, and margin management for each call that passes through.

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