Arik Halperin

Mathematician, Algorithms Specialist, Systems Designer and Developer

Mr. Trabelsi is a leading expert in all things related to VoIP and technology. He has an established track record of successfully designing and developing major telecommunications services for leaders in the VoIP industry that are used by millions of customers around the world. His technical specialties include network architecture and design, VoIP protocols, agile software development and test coordination.

Previously the Principal Engineering Manager for Skype, Mr. Trabelsi managed the real-time media quality engineering group and was also the Group Manager for Vonage’s Mobile Client VoIP division where he architected and developed cross-platform cloud resources and improved voice quality and capabilities. In addition, Trabelsi was Senior Software Development Engineer for Microsoft.

His unique expertise and understanding of the communication industry and technologies led Mr. Trabelsi to design several patents related to voice quality and mobile VoIP, which are implemented in multiple services around the world today. He received a Certified Software Engineer (CE) degree from Hadassha College.

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