Powering Smart Cities with AI, Blockchain & IoT

“We’re living through the incredible arc of true, global digital transformation.”

That’s one of the opening statements of The Sphere’s recent article in Connect-World’s Global-ICT 2018 issue, “Hyper-Connected Cities Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

And it’s true; we find ourselves in a fascinating, powerful moment in history when technological innovation is moving faster than our ability to keep up.

The article, co-authored by The Sphere’s CCO John Tolton and CTO Yariv Trabelsi, explores how data networks are adapting to make way for smart cities. One way they’re evolving is by leveraging new technologies such as AI and blockchain to secure and manage data.

For telecom carriers, AI helps to:

  • Provide actionable insight, informing decisions about traffic
  • Prevent fraud, security breaches and other network issues
  • Identify and monitor patterns of media transaction
  • Automatically alert teams of concerns and move forward with fixes
  • Predict discrepancies and make calculated decisions to improve operations moving forward
  • Improve margins through greater efficiencies

As for blockchain, by ensuring the security and integrity of data, it can help carriers save time and money in areas such as call tracking and financial reconciliation. Blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) are moving the needle forward on smart cities. And with more and more of the population migrating to cities and many cities around the world already testing various “smart” practices, highly connected and intelligent infrastructure is in increasingly high demand.

The Sphere has incorporated AI, blockchain and other next-gen technologies with its globally distributed, high-performance hybrid network to enable live, fully automated QoS, routing and margin management. With The Sphere, all network endpoints can be connected, monitored and optimized, making it an ideal backbone for smart cities.  

Click here to find out more about AI and The Sphere, and read the full Connect-World article here.

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