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It’s Better Within The Sphere.

The Sphere is a global telecom ecosystem, with an exchange platform at its core, that facilitates multiparty chain-trading, routing and financial settlements in real-time.

Built from the ground-up, The Sphere is powered by patented blockchain technology, proprietary advanced algorithms, and a revolutionary, globally-distributed cloud network.

Remove commercial barriers, financial threats, and operational challenges in today's and tomorrow’s marketplace

Live Exchange

At the core of The Sphere is a blockchain-based exchange, serving as the centerpiece of The Ecosystem.

The Sphere Exchange is a powerful, neutral commercial hub that delivers unparalleled business development, market intelligence, and commercial management tools.

Streamline business processes, maximize revenue, and reduce operational expenses

Command Center

Innovative and all-encompassing routing, trading, and financial management tools within The Sphere bring untapped flexibility and user experience to an industry that has become accustomed to rigid and complicated legacy systems.


No matter how simple or complex the requirement, Members of The Sphere benefit from one of the most advanced, meticulously engineered systems with easy-to-use functionalities.

Financial Security and Flexibility

Our patented blockchain technology tracks and audits every call entering into, traded within, and existing in The Sphere Ecosystem. Members also receive instant billing reconciliation and financial settlements across the entire trade chain in real-time.

Live Anti-Fraud

The Sphere’s neural network data analytics and machine learning algorithms enable live detection and active prevention of fraudulent traffic before it even enters the Ecosystem.

The Sphere prevents financial losses and commercial disputes, all while delivering instant liquidity and trade freedom.


Our intelligent network system streamlines edge-to-edge routing, regionally and internationally, minimizing quality deterioration, reducing transfer latency, and optimizing overall quality performances

Globally and

Expertly engineered, The Sphere’s globally distributed, high-performance cloud network and decentralized switching platform delivers unparalleled stability, universal redundancy, and unlimited scalability.

The Sphere reduces network infrastructure, optimizes global routing, and eliminates discrepancies.

The Market

Telecommunications providers across 196 countries with 992 MVNOs, 260 MNO sub-brands, and 1,250 mobile service providers.
Wholesale providers, with 10,000 in the U.S. alone, driving global demand.
$ 0 B
Expected 2019 wholesale revenue that is projected to grow significantly in subsequent years with Asia-Pacific leading the trend .

The Sphere introduces much needed disruption to the telecom industry, freeing the transactions of impediments that hinder the market. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain and AI, we’re introducing an age of unencumbered commerce to maximize value for buyers and sellers alike.


Caution: Big Data & Privacy Concerns Ahead

Big data has rapidly become one of the hottest topics in the technology world. We know what it is – immensely large sets of data that computers use to discover trends and behaviors – but what does it mean? Basically,

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