global reach

Singular Ecosystem

The Sphere’s disruptive block chain technology, globally distributed network architecture and intelligent fraud management system removes all commercial inefficiencies, operational challenges and financial threats in the telecom marketplace.

Live Exchange

Maximum Business Opportunities

The Sphere is built to deliver unparalleled business opportunities for the telecommunications market by facilitating unlimited, multiparty chain- trading, routing and financial settlements in real time.

A single interconnect to the Sphere removes all barriers and limitations, delivering freedom to instantly offer, purchase and resell services in a financially secure yet dynamic environment, while our Bid-On-Live proprietary technology enable sellers to gain instant live traffic by matching rates and real time QoS benchmark of buyers.

Socially Driven

Commercially Intuitive

Through vision, innovation and in-depth industry understanding, the Sphere designed a comprehensible management system, integrating social networking to discover, connect and manage new and old relationships, business development tools to promote, source and trade sought for services, and pivotal market intelligence tools to evaluate and learn about current and new market opportunities all in an efficient and centralized forum.

Freedom & Flexibility

Real Time Financial Settlement

The Sphere audits and secures each and every packet entering into and traded within its network. Patented block chain routing and financial reconciliation technology ensures real time billing reconciliation, financial settlement and on-demand payment disbursements cross entire trade chain. Tearing down trade barriers and financial dependencies, The Sphere delivers trading freedom to resellers and suppliers while providing financial flexibility to operators and carriers.

Guards Against Unknown Threats

Live Fraud Protection

The Sphere’s neural network data analytics and machine learning algorithms enable live detection, alerting and active prevention of fraudulent and abusive traffic, while constantly learn and evolve to foresee new and unknown threat patterns as they appear, protecting operators, carriers, resellers and service provider from financial losses, commercial disputes, and service blockage.

Creating Loyal Users

Predictive QoS Routing

Designed to support, improve and maintain quality of service benchmarks and network performances,The Sphere’s artificial Intelligence system and advanced algorithms constantly evolve based on historical and real-time data within its network, allows not only to identify issues in the ‘now’, but predict and recommend improvements that will prevent future quality deteriorations.

Seamless Network

Regionally, Globally

Engineered from the ground up, the Sphere’s globally distributed, high-performance, cloud network and decentralized routing management engine deliver unparalleled stability, universal redundancy and unlimited scalability. Our intelligent network system streamlines edge-to-edge routing, regionally and across the globe, minimize quality deterioration, reduce transfer latency and optimize overall quality performances.